Android USB host

13 Jun

In this tech-savvy era there is an ever increasing anticipation for devices that are able to cope with the basic technological computer-based uses like browsing the internet and transferring files across devices. There is also the increased need to improve storage as to allow for vast storage in small devices. From the use of traditional floppy diskettes to compact disk we are now in USB era. Use of memory sticks is common now-a-days for storing and transferring files between different electronic devices like laptops, cameras, phones, tablets and PCs.

Android USB host is device that allows you connect with storage devices like flash drives and phones; and also with HDI (Human Interface device) like the keyboard and the mouse. This device enables you to browse and even import photos from a camera to your phone, copying files onto a USB memory stick attached to your tablet.

How then can you know that my device has Android USB Host? You may ask. You need to have a USB OTG (On-The-Go) Cable, a USB host mode drivers must be loaded on your device; a version of android OS that supports USB Host mode(probably Android version 3.1 and above) ; a driver, especially for the devices that you are plugging in and of course an Android powered device. USB Host mode support was introduced in Android version 3.1, therefore if you have this version or newer versions in your device then you are good to go. Although most of the third party ROMs adds USB Host mode support to phones that have hardware support but may not necessarily have the right OS or driver support.

Most devices that have hardware support and the latest OS versions are likely to have prerequisite drivers to enable USB Host mode. For devices that don’t have, you can find these apps on Play Store. Nexus one, HTC Incredible, HTC Desire are some of the third party and instructions and drivers available on Play Store. USB Host mode (OTG) cable is another requirement for android USB Host mode support. In that case you will not be using a normal USB Cable.

This is because a standard USB cable is meant to act both as a USB “slave” and USB “Host”. A USB “Slave” is meant to allow you to copy music or photos from your PC into your phone and vice versa while USB “Host” on the other hand allows you to plug a USB into your tablet and copy files. There is need for a way in which it can tell when act as a host or slave at any given time. Therefore USB OTG cable tells your device when it should act as a host.

A USB OTG cable is just like a normal USB cable but it has one of the internal pins connected to ground at one end. This is to allow the device know that it should act as a host. This is done technically by shorting the pins 4 and 5 to Ground in an OTG cable. Unlike most phones that additionally have micro-USB sockets and a “full-size” USB dongle at the other end; USB OTG cable usually has male Micro-B plug at one end and a female USB-A (full size) plug at the other end to convert between different sized connectors.

USB OTG cables are usually found cheaply on online market places like eBay and Amazon. Some manufacturers go an extra mile to sell their own branded USB OTG along with their devices. Fair enough for the tech savvy folks; you can learn online how to build your own USB OTG cable from a standard USB cable.

Most common devices, especially those with Android OS, should recognize USB Host device when plugged in and know what to do with it. Normal USB memory sticks or cameras that have PPTP support or uses Mass storage are already built into the OS.

However other USB devices like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 3G dongle may not have pre-built driver in OS of the device they are connecting to. In that case you need to run USB Host diagnostics on your android device in order to ensure that you have all the necessary hardware and software support for USB Host mode. You can find USB Host diagnostics on Play Store.

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An Exciting Experience of Blogging

22 Dec

When I thought of starting a new blog, I became a little nervous. It suddenly struck me that there are billions of bloggers already on the virtual platform. Just by blogging something I am sure I can’t attract anyone. So, I decided to create a blog that has something different or new so that I can also get a few visitors there. I made up my mind not to search for a topic for the blog that is very new, thrilling, etc. Instead of blogging about something that is new and unfamiliar to me, I decided to select a topic about which I knew a lot and I can blog effectively and informatively. When I have lots of experience in the particular subject, I can pass on a lot of useful information. As a result, there will be more visitors to my blog and those who visited once will certainly make repeat visits. I want to run my blog successfully so that I can generate an income out of it. Hence, whatever I did in developing my blog was with a business motive. I heard many people saying that their blogging was an end in itself. I was determined to avoid that kind of a debacle.

Selection of the web host

When I wanted to start my blog my first task was to choose a suitable platform for my blogging. As the next step I wanted a web host. However, I was aware that the selection of the best web hosting company is going to be a tricky affair. I started going through tons of web hosting reviews that were published by various review sites. But, I found some of the reviews quite artificial. I became skeptical about the reliability of the review sites. I found them deliberately publishing a few positive reviews and making the readers to sign up with the hosting company so that the review sites will be monetarily benefited. Hence, instead of wasting my time to read the reviews that were not reliable I wanted to access the best hosting reviews. I relied upon only those reviews that were written by the actual customers of the web hosting company. When I found that a few customers have the same opinion about a particular web hosting company I believed those reviews. Also, I wanted a hosting company that provided the simplest as well as easier installation methods. I had a very limited budget. Hence, I wanted to choose a web hosting company that offered hosting at the cheapest rate.

Generating income from the blog

My next step was to go through the best blog monetizing tips. I wanted to start and run a blog with the definite objective of making money out of it. I could find out various methods to generate income from my blog. I understood that if I could succeed in attracting a considerable amount of traffic into my site I can sell my blog space for ads. Here, the most crucial factor was the niche that I selected for my blog. The subject of my blog was so effective that I could get a lot of visitors. By way of providing quality content regularly, I could increase the number of visitors gradually. Apart from the advertising, I decided to use my blog as a venue for my marketing activities. I identified a few products for my blog and started online marketing. Affiliate marketing was the most exciting part of my blogging career. Just by promoting the products of other people I was able to earn substantial amounts as commission. With an increasing audience, I found my affiliate marketing going very strong. Those who can dedicate space on their blogs to sponsored ads can also earn good income through Google Adsense.

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The Initial Hurdles to Start a Blog

04 May

When I decided to start my blog, I was having no idea about blogging. I went through various articles about starting a blog and I also consulted my friends who are bloggers. Most of the people whom I consulted recommended WordPress.ORG as the platform for the blog. Later, I was also convinced that WordPress. ORG is indeed the simplest and the easiest platform for all novice bloggers. I found a few alternatives also. However, I made up my mind to use WordPress only. I had no regrets about my decision. I was overwhelmed when I could find out that the great majority of bloggers the world over are using WordPress. I can say that WordPress is the best platform for blogging. It is the best option for anyone who wants to start a blog.

Choose the domain name

My second step was to find out a domain name for my blog. Everyone wants the domain name to be short so that it can be easily remembered. I found that there was great demand for single word domain names. But, later I could realize that this is not a difficult task. One can get any number of domain names. There are many free websites that provide us with a number of domain names. One of those websites provided me with about 100 domain names. I had three options also for the names – .com,.Net and.Org. My favorite choice was.Org. I wanted to have a domain name that is easy to remember as well as spell. Here, I would like to suggest my readers to make use of the video tutorials for selection of the best domain names.

Domain name registration

I found the registering of domain name a very risky job. One has to register the domain name with a reputed site. Those who register the domain name in the wrong place are like to undergo many bitter experiences. They are forced to buy various services that they really do not require. I registered my domain name with a reliable site. They charged me reasonably and I had no problems afterwards. One can start a blog and register the domain name without making a huge investment. The domain name acts as the address of my blog. Then I required a place to store my files. I selected a good hosting company. They provided the space to keep all my stuff. In these days, one must be careful while selecting the hosting company. One should go through the genuine and trustworthy reviews and select a reliable hosting company.

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The Blog that is My Own

02 Feb

The number of blogs on the internet is increasing by millions every year. Every day, thousands of new blogs are created. The phenomenal increase in the number of blogs shows the popularity of blogging the world over. When I wanted to start my blog, I found that there were a lot of technicalities. Apart from the technical aspects, I realized that the objective of my blogging is also important in making my blog successful. My first task was to decide about what I will blog. I wanted to find out a niche that is small but exciting. I could find out a niche that could attract many people from different parts of the world. I was excited to see that there were really many people who shared the same passion. The niche that I selected was instrumental in connecting me with a lot of people in the world. That was a great experience. I found that my blog was the best tool to attain global reach. In my experience the most amazing aspect of a niche blog is sharing of our pursuits with a large community at a global level. When one is able to create an audience at world level, getting a massive following is going to be a reality.

Sustained effort – a must

I heard about many of my friends who started their blogs enthusiastically, but, failed to take it to higher levels. I could find various reasons for their failure. One main reason was the enthusiasm that they had initially been not there later on. Many of them didn’t have enough time to spend for their blogging while some of them suffered due to shortage of valuable content. Keeping this fact in mind, I selected the subject of my topic about which I am motivated to write effectively as well as informatively at any time not only now but in future also. When a blog is neglected, it will be as bad as a deserted house. There will be no visitors. As a result the search engine ranking will fall down rapidly.

Advantage of WordPress

In my experience, WordPress is the ideal platform for the novice bloggers. It is very simple and anyone can easily understand the WordPress procedure. Those who use, WordPress can remain in the learning process. The more I became familiar with WordPress, the more functional I made my blog. I found it easy to take my blog to the higher levels. I could very easily add many additional features to my blog with the help of the free plug ins. There are thousands of free plug ins available for the WordPress site. Also, I found it quite easy to change the design of my site using different WordPress themes. I can say that those who use the WordPress platform have the new themes at their fingertips. When I wanted to start blogging, I wanted the blog to be my own so that I can use my blog as I wish. WordPress. ORG helped me in this aspect. Now, my blog is 100% my own blog. Now, I have no hassle to sell the space on my blog for advertising. I have the freedom to use my blog site just as I wish.

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